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The Principle of Reverse...and How to Make it Work for You

"Anything works against you can also work for you once you understand the Principle of Reverse..." (Maya Angelou,I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Bantam reissue, November 1993)

Have you ever heard this statement: "Whatever happen has happened. You know, you can't change the past!" You may not be able to change the past; but you can change your attitude and your response to it-- you can use it to your advantage.

This means anything negative which has happened to you in the past does not have to have any negative impact or control over present or future. You can turn that negative into a positive. (But be warned: this principle can work the other way around.)

Let's take Albert Einstein's life, for example. Einstein had a learning disability

called Dyslexia; because of this learning disability, it took him until the age of nine to finally be able to learn how to read. You may find this hard to believe, like I did, but Einstein failed algebra on multiple occasions. Einstein's teacher was so frustrated with him, she said that he was "mentally worthless." Einstein said that it is the imagination which helps one to truly learn since it pre-plays your future, while knowledge replays the past. He had to first imagine himself as being smart and a genius and ignore the replays his past knowledge which said that he was "mentally worthless." He had
to reverse what his teacher had said to him by pre-playing his future. Of course, he had to do some practical things like learning how to read and studying key physical and mathematical laws and concepts. You should always remember that the spiritual and the physical laws have to work harmoniously together in order for manifestation of our true desires to take full force.

When I had a nervous breakdown (which was influenced by diabolical forces and self-hating and self-rejecting thoughts) and people were saying that I was crazy and my mind will never be right, I had to pre-play my future and uncover the genius within me. If Einstein could do it then I could do it too! When people were saying that I was mentally worthless, based on what they have seen or heard in the past, I had to use my imagination to pre-play my future and learn something about myself that my knowledge of my past had not shown me. I had to reverse the negative impact of my past, and negative things others were saying about me. When people said that I was crazy and undermined my ability , I used it to my advantage. I used resources to develop my mental powers and my overall mindset. I allowed them to think that I was crazy. I allowed them to think that I was a fool. I allowed them to think that I was out of my mind. But privately I was working on my plan to achieve and accomplish things that people said that persons like myself will never be able to. You can do the same. When people say and do negative things to you, secretly develop a system-- a formula or a strategy-- to prove them wrong! 

You can do so by applying certain principles and laws which control the operation of the spiritual universe.Refuse to allow negative circumstances of your past to allow to feel inferior. You are they only one who can stop you! Remember no one can make you feel inferior unless you consent to it.    

Choosing Between Being Pitiful or Powerful

I once heard from a well-known tele-evangelist say this profound statement: "You can be pitiful or powerful, but you can't be both!" This statement struck me in a real and powerful way because for many years, I had wasted my life being pitiful but ignored the fact that I could develop the ability to access the power within myself. I did not know that all I needed and required to become a success and achieve  my life purpose in the earth realm was already within me. I was too busy being a victim-- I was blinding my eyes to the victor which was within me. I always thought if I only had someone to help me! This victim mentality can be destructive to our personal growth as well as our divine purpose.

Don't get me wrong! We do need people from time to time but if we become over-dependent on others and ignore the resources within ourselves then we are no longer in control of our own destiny. In this way, you are giving away your power to others. Whatever happens in your life is in other people's control--not yours. This allows you to feel even more pitiful since you feel helpless and under the control of others. Stop allowing yourself to be under others' control. Use the resources that God has placed within you to become the master and controller of your own destiny. If you want to go back to school, do it! If you want to become an entrepreneur, do it! If you want to write a book, do it!Don't waste your time not doing something when you always had the power within yourself to do it in the first place.  

The Issue with Self-Hatred and Self Rejection


 "99% of the time, personal struggles we experience have their root cause in having insufficient self-esteem [or self-rejection] in certain key areas of our lives."-Dr.Joe Rubino

When I found out on the news that Micheal Jackson died, I was very sad. I wasn't sad because of the performer that he was ( and not having the opportunity to see those past live performances)...I was sad because of the performer that he could be. Maybe he had other talents within him besides those related to music. Maybe he was an actor. Maybe he was a painter. Maybe he was a designer. Maybe he had the potential to be a successful entrepreneur. But now the world may never know. The greatest hindrance to Micheal Jackson was... Micheal Jackson! His self-hatred and self-rejection were evidenced by the many reconstructive surgeries that he had done which did more to mutilate his natural good looks than enhance them. We should not fail to mention the many self-sabotaging actions which at times threatened to totally ruin his career.

Self-hatred and self-rejection allows you to unconsciously and subconsciously press the self-destruct or self-sabotage button within our spirits. If we do not love and respect ourselves then we will subconsciously create the environment, connections, and resources to sabotage our success. When our subconscious and unconscious minds are so screwed up, we cannot attain a level of true, long-lasting success, even though on the conscious level we most naturally appear to want that success. The subconscious/unconscious parts of our mind are the most powerful areas within our mind. These sections allow us to create the life we want (or don't want.) Self-hatred and self-rejection attract what we do not want in our lives. Self-hatred allow us to keep on pressing that self-destruct button; this is because if you hate yourself you will do everything to ensure that you destroy yourself and and any chance of achieving ultimate fulfillment. When you reject yourself, you will always miss the road to personal fulfillment because you need to be who God created you to be in order to achieve this. It is hard to be everybody else when everybody else is taken. You will always be second-best at being someone else but no one can beat you at being you. So learn to love and accept yourself by celebrating the things that make you uniquely you. This is the first step to achieving personal fulfillment, your life purpose, and true success. 

When You Thought You've Had Enough: How to Push Past  the Breaking Point and Break Free                      

  "A person who perseveres through difficulties and emerges successful, manifests [a] higher form of intelligence than the one who gives up and lives a miserable experience." -Enoch Tan

What is your difficulty? What do you hope--wish--to overcome? This might sound funny but probably you are the biggest hindrance in overcoming these difficulties. Maybe subconsciously you are comfortable with these problems because you are used to them -- and you are not used to anything else. Maybe you do not have the discipline and drive to come up with a strategy to get out of mental bondage. Maybe you have lost all hope and accepted your supposed "fate" of being trapped.

That attitude of a victim. That attitude is that of a loser--which you essentially are not! You chose to be in that state because you felt that you did not have the power to change it. In John 5: 5-9 (NKJV) states that, 

And a certain man was there, who had an infirmity thirty and eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he had been thus now a long time, he saith unto him, 'Wilt thou be made well? The impotent man answered him, 'Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool; but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me. Jesus saith unto him, 'Rise take up thy bed, and walk.' And immediately the man was made well, and took up his bed and walked...

The man at the pool of Bethesda had the power within him all along to take up his bed and walk; but, because he was focusing so much on his breaking point, and not focusing on the breaking point's ability to give him the power to break free, he accepted being a victim, and gave up without trying. He allowed himself to become dependent on others instead of realizing he had the power within himself to overcome his challenges. When you are at your breaking point, you feel as if you are at the mercy of others. You feel as if you cannot be helped unless  someone else helps you. You do not feel as if you have the power to help yourself. But Jesus asked the man a question, which on the surface appeared silly. He asked: "Wilt thou be made well?" Jesus
posed this question to a man, who appeared to want to be well for thirty-eight years, because for many years he thwarted his own healing because he was so busy playing the victim and being pitiful. When he decided for real that he wanted to be made well, whole or complete then he was able to break free. It all starts with a decision. When you decide that you want to be free, then you are automatically shifted from the breaking point to the point of breaking free. When this happens, there is no limitation. You are able to use the power that is within you because you are determined to break free--and to break ahead.

When the man at the pool of Bethesda used the power within himself, he was able to take up his bed and walk. What is stopping you from walking into destiny? What is stopping you from stepping into purpose? It is your inability to make a decision and use the resources...the abilities...the power within yourself. Remember no one can stop you but you! 

                        The Secret to Maintaining Focus
The principle of success is focus. It is what makes the difference between those who are not, irregardless [sic]of how much talent, resource and energy that they have. It is fallacy to think that the more things you do at once, the more you can accomplish. It is a counter intuitive truth that the less you do, the more you can accomplish. There's a difference between doing something and doing it completely. Achievement does not come by how much activity is done but by task done completely.

Each time you have something extra to do or an additional goal to pursue, you further split your power. It might seem that you can accomplish a lot more projects to work on. But if you really compare the net effect of how much you could have accomplished by channeling all your energy into one area instead of all the other areas, you would find that you could gain in that one area is still much more than many areas combined. The best in the world focus all their power in a single place.- Enoch Tan 

 When a light ray is focused through a magnifying glass then it has the power to burn a hole through a piece of paper. When a person's desire or intention is focused on a vision of a particular outcome then that person will have the ability or power to bring the desire or intent into complete manifestation. As Enoch Tan  mentioned before, the power of focus is the key ingredient to success. This is because focus ensures that you channel all of your energy...your time...your resources...your power on the achievement of your goal in a particular area.

The secret to maintaining focus is having a clearly defined and structured vision. In the Bible, it states that we should "[w]rite the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie; though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry (Habbukuk 2: 2-3 [NKJV])." I would like to begin to uncover the spiritual truths which lie within this text by stating the importance of writing the vision down. If you do not write your vision down then this dream or vision becomes nothing more than a fantasy--or what the King James Version of the Bible refers to as a "vain imagination." The Bible says that we should tear down all vain imaginings "that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God" (2 Cor. 10:5 [NKJV]). In other words, when a vision is not clearly defined and structured, the act of writing it down, then it becomes a fantasy which goes against the knowledge of the power of God within you, which is able to manifest anything in the earth realm. Fantasizing limits your inherent ability to use your God-given power constructively. 

When you write your vision down then give tangibility to them. This act of writing the vision down is the first step which is needed to move it from the abstract to the concrete, and make it easier for it to transition from the spiritual to the natural.

Not only should you write your vision down, but it should be written down plainly and clearly. This means that the vision that you write down should include a plan or strategy which follows a logical and coherent sequence and is easily understood. In order to properly do this, then you need to continuously write, re-write, re-organize and re-structure this plan. It is crucial that this process is not hurried or rushed to ensure that the strategy is well-thought out and well-executed.

The text also states that the vision should be written on tablets. Of course, we do not write on tablets today but we can still make this point applicable to our personal lives if we perceive this text as implying that we should move the vision from something that is esoteric, ethereal, and impractical to something that can be logically, practically, and systematically integrated into the natural realm. In order to do this, you should set realistic short-term and long-term goals during the implementation of your strategy or plan. When this is done, this adds to the tangibility of the vision and further eases its transition from the supernatural to the natural realm.

After doing everything mentioned previously, than it is time to "run' with the vision. Make haste in ensuring that the vision is accomplished and do not hesitate. When focus on doing all that is necessary to bring your vision into complete manifestation then there is no obstacle that can stop you.  The power of God within you will ensure that you have all that you need for the vision to come to pass. 

                       The Formula/System of Faith

There is a formula of faith for manifestation. Many people experience faith in varying amounts at different times and with different results because they never quite get the formula right, neither do they even know the formula exists. Faith is not an immeasurable thing because the Bible says God has dealt to every man the measure of faith. Therefore faith can be measured and can be worked in substantial [my emphasis] ways. - Enoch Tan 

In order for your faith to truly work, you need to have a formula or system set in place. After all, the scriptures say that faith "without works is dead (James 2: 17, 20 [NKJV])." Faith is not waiting on the Lord 'to do it'. Faith is not wishing, hoping, or even believing. But faith is the substance of things which we hope for and the evidence of our unseen visions or dreams which, with time and persistence, manifest within the physical realm (Heb. 11:1). Faith is also work. Faith is not lazy. In order to develop a formula/system of faith, the following must be considered:
  • Make your petitions known to God so that you do not ask amiss
  • Make confessions of faith/ affirmations
  • Design plan to bring dream or vision to pass
  • Set goals to implement strategies or plans
 Making Your Petitions Known to God So that You Do Not Ask Amiss

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a petition as a "formal written request signed by many people and appealing to authority about a particular cause." In other words, a petition can be perceived as a formal, written request to the authority of the Universe (God) "signed" or approved by your spiritual self, which is created in the image and likeness of God and is, therefore, always in total agreement with Him. The act of writing is reiterated in order to highlight its significance in moving something from the unseen (intent, purpose, goal) to the seen (accomplishment, achievement). Khoa Bui echoes this point in the following statement:

Not only is having a clear and specific goal vital to success, it is absolutely important to write them down. When you write down your goals, a part of your brain gets activated. This part of your brain is called the "Reticular Articulating System" which enables you to filter out what does not respond to what you really want...

A study was conducted at a university where 300 students were analyzed from the time they were studying and re-analyzed 20 years later. The 3% of the 300 students not only achieved their goals, but also earned more than the whole 97% remaining students that did not achieve their goals. It was later found out that the top 3% of students who successfully achieved their goals was not smarter or had more resources, they simply wrote down their goals. The other remaining students did not write down their goals, hence [they] did not have a clear direction on where they were going in life.    

James 4:3 [NKJV] states that, "Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss..." When you ask for something, you need to be specific. Writing down your vision, desires, and goals helps you to do this. As indicated by Khoa, writing down your petitions or requests filters out what is unnecessary to your life purpose and true desires. When you write something down, you should review and revise it if it does not totally align with your intentions. When this is done, you do not "ask amiss." Writing down your petition or request enables you to see your goals in the natural realm and, thereby, facilitates the petition's movement from the spiritual to the natural realm. Writing down your petition enables you to visualize your goals and desires. When this happens, your subconscious mind and spirit will attract anything which is needed to bring your vision to complete manifestation.

In addition to writing the vision down, you could create a vision board which has pictures of what you desire or envision within yourself. For instance, if you want a house which is on or near the beach then try to get a picture depicting this. You can take this picture with a camera or cut pictures from magazines and place on a blackboard or any board of your choice. This even more effective than writing your vision down since thoughts are not expressed inwardly by words, but by images. This will cause the vision, petition, goal or desire to be more fixed within the subconscious mind when combined with the act of writing the petition down.

          Make Your Confessions of Faith/ Affirmations

Micheal Lee states what you must do to place yourself in the mindset of being co-creator when making affirmations, declarations, or confessions of faith: 

  1. Get a comfortable and quiet place to rest.
  2. Relax your whole body. Command every part of your body to relax starting from your feet up to your head.
  3. Count back slowly from 20 to 1, where in each count you relax deeper and deeper. Upon reaching 1, you are completely relaxed.
  4. Now affirm your desire...
  5. Then after about 10-20 minutes of continuous confirmation and visualization, count slowly from 1-20. Upon counting, slowly be aware of your surroundings. Feel refreshed and invigorated after doing this exercise.
  6. Repeat exercise everyday.

 This exercise is important since it allows you to speak things that be not as though they were (Rom.4:17); and, hence, become a co-creator with God. The act of visualizing within yourself as well as speaking your affirmations or faith declarations places 'pressure' or a demand on your faith to transition from the unseen to the seen. It puts your subconscious mind into gear so that it does everything to provide the resources needed to bring the vision to pass. In addition, this act of faith forces God to move on your behalf since faith (and not empty emotions) is the only thing which moves Him. The Bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:1). 

True faith is not double minded but aligns itself totally and is congruent with Divine Purpose; anyone who is double-minded does not have true faith. A double-minded person cannot receive from God (James 1:7). A major reason for double-mindedness is self-rejection, self-hatred, or self-condemnation. The scripture states that,"...if our heart condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God (1John 3:21 [NKJV])." When you reject or hate yourself then your heart (the New King James Version's expression for the subconscious mind) condemns you and then you do not have confidence towards God or the Divine power within yourself. Therefore, you begin to doubt yourself. You begin to believe (within your heart or subconscious self) success or any other good thing. Although consciously you desire good things, subconsciously you sabotage yourself because your "heart" condemns you. Your subconscious and conscious selves are not in total alignment with each other. Therefore, the power of faith becomes diminished and you are unable to manifest anything positive in the natural. It is essential then that you develop a sense of self-worth and accept yourself which help enhance your visualization techniques and provide power, total focus, and direction to your declarations of faith.
               Design a Plan to Bring Dream or Vision to Pass  

Much of what was discussed in the article "The Secret to Maintaining Focus" about what needs to be done to facilitate the manifestation of a vision is also applicable here. Therefore, there is no need to reiterate what was said except to say this: an overall plan is crucial to not only providing structure and direction to a vision, but also tangibility. There needs to be an overall plan which is written, reviewed, and revised to correct any shortcomings. You do not want your vision to downgraded to a fantasy because of ineffective and inadequate planning.
                                Set Goals to Implement Plan

According to the e-book Steps for Successful Goal Planning and Achievementthe goal achievement process consists of the following pre-requisites: 
  1. well-formed goal statements
  2. breaking goals down into manageable steps
  3. motivation and commitment
  4. reminders and keeping on track
  5. frequent review and re-assessment 
                                     Well-Formed Goal Statements                

The goal statement forms the basis for the entire process so careful attention should be placed on formulating a clear and accurate goal statement. A good way to remember how a goal statement should be defined is the old S.M.A.R.T. acronym used by many experts in goal setting. SMART stands for:






The goal should be specific enough so that we know exactly what we are striving for, measurable so we know exactly what is to be accomplished and when it is to be reached, action-oriented declaring positive activity that will produce results, realistic in that it is practical and can be achieved given the limited availability of resources, and tangibility meaning concrete and not vague. The goal statement "Increase sales 25% by the end of the fiscal year without increasing advertising spending is an example that follows the rules.

                         Breaking Down Goals into Manageable Steps

 Once we have a well-formed Goal Statement will need some direction to follow to achieve this Goal. While the goal "Increase sales by 25% by the end of the fiscal year without increasing advertising spending " is a great goal statement, this is a monumental task without being broken down into smaller detailed steps. The creation of Goal Steps gives us an "Action Plan" that when completed will lead to Goal Achievement. Steps also allow for tracking of progress towards the goal. Goal steps should be positive and not used to list obstacles that must be overcome which focuses on the negative. Negativity can kill motivation but there is power in positive thinking.

                                     Motivation and Commitment

Motivation and Commitment are what make us strive toward achievement. They give us the push, desire, and resolve to complete all of the other steps in the Goal process. This motivation can be obtained by developing a personal statement that creates a high level of emotion and energy that guarantees achievement. Commitment creates accountability and is what sets on direct course to reach our goals. It may create costly negative consequences upon failure to attain a goal. Making a commitment might be something like having invested your savings in your new business which you will lose if it fails. Motivation and Commitment are specific to your situation and life and only you can form statements that will ensure you reach your goal the quickest. The more personal you make your motivation and commitment statements for each goal, the more motivated you will be to accomplish your goal.

                                     Reminders and Keeping on Track

Reaching our goals requires persistence and regular attention. We need some sort of system to keep us accountable. uses a combination of reminder e-mails, calendars, and reports to keep users organized and on track. Sharing goals with others who can give you help and support is a highly effective way to increase your chances for success. If some accountability system is not used then we are likely to lose sight and fail.

                                       Frequent Revision and Assessment

When we first sit down and start to define goals it can seem like a difficult and daunting task but over time it begins to get much easier. Patience is required. Goal setting is definitely an ongoing process that is accomplished over time. Any goals program that defines goals and then ignores them will fail. All goals due in the next year should be reviewed at least once per week and daily if possible. The great thing about frequent revision is that this forces us to make big decisions and determine priorities in our life. We should keep watch for goals that are not being achived on time or for goals on which we keep extending the deadline.  

(Source: The above information concerning the requirements for the goal-making  and accomplishing process came from the e-book Steps for Successful Planning and Achievement by This site has tools and systems for creating plans and setting goals. It also has demos instructing you on how to use these systems. Check it out!) 

 Developing Will Power and Self Discipline

by Remez Sasson

Most people admire and respect strong individuals, who have won great success by manifesting will power and self discipline. They admire people, who with sheer will power, self discipline and ambition, have improved their life, learned new skills, overcame difficulties and hardships, reduced their weight, rose high in their chosen field or advanced on the spiritual path.

The truth is that everyone can reach high levels of will power and self-discipline through a practical method of training. These inner power are not reserved for a few special people.

Will power and self discipline are two of the most important and useful inner powers in everyone's life, and have always been considered as essential tools for success in all areas of life. They can be learned and developed like any other skill, yet, in spite of this, only few take any steps to develop and strengthen them in a systematic way.

What is will power?
It is the inner strength to make a decision, take action, and handle and execute any aim or task until it is accomplished, regardless of inner and outer resistance, discomfort or difficulties.

It bestows the ability to overcomes laziness, temptations and negative habits, and to carry out actions, even if they require effort, are unpleasant and tedious or are contrary to one's habits.

What is self discipline?
It is the rejection of instant gratification in favor of something better. It is the giving up of instant pleasure and satisfaction for a higher and better goal.

It manifests as the ability to stick to actions, thoughts and behavior, which lead to improvement and success. Self-discipline is self-control, and it manifests in spiritual, mental, emotional and physical discipline.

The purpose of self-discipline is not living a limiting or a restrictive lifestyle. It does not mean being narrow minded or living like a fakir. It is one of the pillars of success and power. It bestows the inner strength to focus all your energy on your goal, and persevere until it is accomplished.

Both of these abilities are required for daily actions and decisions, and also for making major decisions and attaining major success. They are required for doing a good job, for studying, building a business, losing weight, bodybuilding and physical exercises, maintaining good relationships, changing habits, self improvement, meditation, spiritual growth, keeping and carrying out promises and for almost everything else.

One of the most simple and effective methods to develop will power and self-discipline is by refusing to satisfy unimportant and unnecessary desires. Everyone is constantly confronted and tempted by an endless stream of desires and temptations, many of which are not really important or desirable. By learning to refuse to satisfy every one of them, you get stronger.

Refusing and rejecting useless, harmful or unnecessary desires and actions, and intentionally acting contrary to your habits, sharpen and strengthen your inner strength. By constant practice your inner power grows, just like exercising your muscles at a gym increases your physical strength. In both cases, when you need inner power or physical strength, they are available at your disposal.

Here are a few exercises:
- Don't read the newspaper for a day or two.
- Drink water when thirsty, in spite of your desire to have a soft drink.
- Walk up and down the stairs, instead of taking the lift.
- Get down from the bus one station before or after your destination, and walk the rest of the way.
- For one week, go to sleep one hour earlier than usual.
- If you like ice cream, don't have any, for a day or two.

These are only a few examples to show how you can develop your will power and self-discipline. You may think that practicing such exercises is being tough on yourself, maybe a little, but they add so much to the storehouse of your inner strength. By following a systematic method of training you can reach far, have more control over yourself and your life, attain your goals, improve your life, and gain satisfaction and peace of mind.

Show and prove to yourself that you are strong and in control, and practice the above exercises for a little while, before passing any judgment on them.

© Copyright Remez Sasson

Remez Sasson teaches and writes on positive thinking, creative visualization, motivation, self-improvement, peace of mind, spiritual growth and meditation. He is the author of several books, among which are "Peace of mind in Daily Life", "Will Power and Self Discipline", "Visualize and Achieve" and "Affirmations - Words of Power".

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