Do you want to overcome the mental limitations and barriers that have allowed you to become subjugated and enslaved to an oppressive system?

Do you want to know how to use the light of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to overcome the darkness of your situation?

Do you want to know how to create or re-create your reality?

Well, this is the site for you! You should notice the slide show with various photos of explosions occurring in space. Notice that the darkness around the planets and stars could not overwhelm the light that these entities were entities were emanating. When God created the universe, which was in total darkness and confusion, He used His Supreme Intelligence and Wisdom to call light into existence. When He did this, the oppressive darkness within the universe could not comprehend the light which came into being. If you know how, then you can do the same if you adhere to certain spiritual laws and principles. When you have wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, you are able to overcome any oppressive and limiting situation or circumstance. This is because you are not willing to allow yourself to become limited in your thinking. If you are free in your mind then you are free in every area of your life. This is because every problem you have is a wisdom problem. If you know how, you can hack the matrix and come out of any mental and spiritual prison that yourself, your companions, your family or society has placed you in.

  I have just updated my Facebook page with picture of the cover but I'm still not finished with the revised and expanded edition of the book, Breaking Forth: Using the Light to Dispel the Darkness. However, the cover the book is shown below. I have added a by-line to the title, which is the following: "How to Survive the Upcoming End of the Libertarian World Order, Restriction of American Civil Liberties, and Find Hope in the Inevitable American Societal Collapse." 

There's so much to write but in the mean time you can always follow me, if you want, by clicking on the Twitter and Linked In icons above.




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